Quinceaneras Photography in Houston by Juan Huerta

Houston quinceaneras photography by Juan Huerta. Beautiful fine art quinceanera photography for your memorable day. Please contact Juan Huerta here for more information. Quinceaneras packages start at $595.

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THE QUINCEANERA'S birthday party is a very important festivity in a girl's life, and is mainly celebrated by Hispanic and latin American countries. The tradition, which was originally started in Central America by the Aztecs is now a global event. In the Hispanic communities here in the United States and all across Latin America, such celebration is filled with joy and the willingness to offer an homage to the girl who is little by little stepping out of her childhood and entering her teenage years. The party is usually huge, although many families opt for hosting a more private, intimate celebration with close friends and relatives. Many family members and friends are usually involved in the celebration, plenty of them acting as "sponsors" o "padrinos", which means helping out with the big party expenses.

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But usually, the concept of a quinceanera birthday party is connected with the "big party event", with mariachis and bands, limousines and fancy cakes, lovely dresses and a celebration that commonly starts with a church ceremony around noon and doesn't wrap up until midnight when the DJ or the music band calls the night for hundreds of teenagers, --and adults too! who danced the night away,...all in the name of the "quinceanera". Learn more »

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