Juan Huerta
Juan Huerta
QUINCEANERA PHOTOGRAPHY is one of my favorite photography events. My work is inspired by the the formal concept of paintings and artworks of classic, romanticist and impressionist painters from the 18th and 19th centuries, all with a twist of a more modern, fashion insight. Read more about me here »


My photography work covers the entire process of creation of your masterpiece, from shooting to professional processing; from proofing to the delivery of a museum, fine art quality print or set of prints which are meticulously inspected by one of the best professional laboratories in the country. My printed photographs are meant to look more like oil paintings that just came out from an art gallery. Event though I also produce and print more contemporary pieces, like printed metals and metallic prints, the core value of my photography work resides in the "collectible" outlook of the masterpiece you will take home and treasure as one of your most precious memories. I can also design and deliver fabulous fine art albums to hold your images with good taste and superb quality.

With an Art Degree and professional training in Visual Arts and photography, I consider myself as 
your best choice when looking for a photographer to cover such important event.

"Like you can see in the photographs of my own daughter's quinceanera (right and below), I focus on simple art forms that convey a fresh, stylish message, far away from all the tasteless, tacky poses and plain ugly image compositions that can be seen in this industry nowadays. I strive to make sure a quinceanera looks like a fifteen-year-old, not like a bride nor an adult model. My vision and goal is to capture a beautiful girl without compromising good taste, style and a fashionable look" 

What helps?

Location, location, location: Yes, a naturally delightful background is crucial for great quinceaneras portraits. Either indoors (Fine Hotel Lobbies, Mansions) or outdoors (Parks and Wooden Areas), choosing these type of sceneries can greatly help towards the fine product: fine imagery and fine art portraits! Learn more »

Quinceanera photography in Houston by Juan Huerta. Copyright © Juan Huerta. All Rights Reserved
Copyright © Juan Huerta. All Rights Reserved
A Professional Makeup Artist: A professional makeup artist like Rosie Daza is crucial for a successful photo session. The type of make-up you can get at the mall is not necessarily the professional touch that will get you ready for the camera lens. As one of my preferred vendors, Rosie knows exactly how to make you look gorgeously radiant for both, your all-day event and the lens. (She has worked for our Houston TV anchors and Miss Costa Rica). Learn more »

Beautiful Flowers Bouquet (Ramo): A quinceanera's flowers bouquet or ramo is diffrent from a bride's bouquet, but they both fulfill their mission adding a particular touch of natural beauty to the photographs. Learn more »

DJ Entertaiment, HD Video and Lights by Memorable Events and Hector LaRotta. Hector LaRotta’s HD Video productions are top of the line and he can definitely work with you on different camera settings and production designs based on your budget and needs. A guy who has been in the events and entertainment industry for about 20 years, LaRotta’s wide variety of services and knowledge can be your only, one-stop for your event. Learn more »

Quinceanera photography in Houston by Juan Huerta. Copyright © Juan Huerta. All Rights Reserved
Copyright © Juan Huerta. All Rights Reserved
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J U A N   H U E R T A
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All images and text copyright © Juan Huerta. All Rights Reserved. 

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