Tips para quinceañeras - fiesta de 15 años por Juan Huerta Photography (Liability Insurance)

Fotografia para quinceaneras en Houston por Juan Huerta. Tips para ayudarte a elegir el mejor fotografo profesional para tu fiesta de quinceanera. In this series of 15 articles: 15 questions and 15 answers, your perfect guide in the very difficult process of finding a professional photographer for your quinceanera. More Quinceaneras Tips Here »

QUESTION #3 DO YOU HAVE BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEO BUSINESS? Tienes seguro (aseguranza) de responsabilidad para tu negocio de forografia y video?  


Houston quinceaneras photographer Juan Huerta Photography
Juan Huerta: Yes, I have both business and professional liability insurance.

Nowadays more and more wedding venues are asking for their vendors to carry some sort of business and/or professional liability insurance. If your event photographer carries business liability insurance that means that he or she really care about offering you the peace of mind that you deserve for your event.

My Business and Professional Liability insurance certificate and policy numbers are available to all my prospective clients and venues.

"If your event photographer carries business liability insurance that means that he or she really care about offering you the peace of mind that you deserve for your event".

For more information about my Business and Professional Liability Insurance please visit the following link. My professional liability insurance policy and information is available upon request.

If you are in the market for a quinceanera’s photographer, how would you like to set up a consultation meeting? Consultation meetings require no commitment on your part, and represent a wonderful opportunity for you to see samples of my fine art photography prints, enjoy first hand fine art custom-made quinceaneras photo albums and a chance to talk about the many ways in which I can get to cover your beautiful quinceanera celebration. Please, contact Juan Huerta.


1. Are you a formally trained artist and professional photographer?
 Tienes preparación formal como artista y fotógrafo profesional?
  Tienes referencias de otros clientes para los que hayas trabajado como fotógrafo?
  Tienes seguro (aseguranza) de responsabilidad profesional para tu negocio de fotografía?
  Cuales son tus precios y opciones de paquetes de fotografía para quinceañeras?
5. What is your photography style?
  Cuál es tu estilo de fotografía?
6. What type of equipment and backup equipment do you use?
  Qué tipo de equipo usas y cual es el tipo de equipo que usas como repuesto?
7. Are you going to be the photographer covering my quinceañera?
  Serás tú el fotógrafo que estará presente para cubrir mi quinceañera?
8. What kind of proof will I get from my event and what is your turnaround time?
  Qué tipo de pruebas fotográficas recibiré de mi evento y con qué rapidez podría verlas?
9. What is the quality of the prints you deliver to your clients?
   Cuál es la calidad de las impresiones que entregas a tus clientes?
10. What is the quality of the quinceañeras photo albums you deliver to your clients?
    Cuál es la calidad de los album de fotos que entregas a tus clientes?
11- Do you work with an assistant or a second photographer?
    Trabajas con un asistente o un segundo fotógrafo?
12. Do I get to keep all the pictures from my quinceanera party/event?
    Podria quedarme con todas las fotos que hagas en mi fiesta de quinceanera?
13. Can my family and friends order additional prints from my quinceañera’s celebration?
    Podría mi familia y amigos ordenar fotos adicionales de mi fiesta de quinceañera?
14. Do you offer photo and video packages for quinceañeras?
    Ofreces servicios de fotografía y video para fiestas de quinceañeras?
15. What is your policy on payments and booking fees?
    Cuales son sus condiciones para pagos y reservaciones?

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